Salon Spa and Barber Menu

While most choose to visit our location, many choose to have us deliver services to their Villa, Hotel, or Venue for private group parties, weddings, and events. We have multiple mobil professional stylist teams and Bali's only pop up barbershop service which is the definitive standardard for groomsmen barbering for Bali Weddings. 

Woman haircut and blow:

Stylist: 336.000 IDR

Senior stylist: 403.000 IDR 

Kids cut and simple blow <12yrs : 144.000 IDR 

Wash Blow Glow:  198.000  IDR

Enjoy a nice hair wash and simple conditioning and beautiful brush blow giving your hair a nice glow

Wash Blow Styling:   258.000 IDR

Enjoy a nice hair wash and simple conditioning with a beautiful blow dry and adding a hot tool

Wash only:  108.000 IDR

Basic wash and conditioning with just towel dried hair

Blow dry only:   168.000 IDR

Just a simple brush blow out with no washing of the hair

Up do: 312.000  IDR 

For kids: 240.000 IDR 

Any style of tying your hair up

Luscious lock Treatment + Blow by L’oreal: 336.000 IDR

A simple hair spa treatment, making your hair shiny and it comes with a nice back and shoulder massage. Good for every type of hair

Intensive Hair repair treatment and blow by Helen Seward: 372.000 IDR

Intensive Hair mask treatment, giving you instant softness and shine. Best for normal – dry hair

Argan Deep conditioning treatment with blow: 372.000 IDR

A deep argan mask treatment insuring your hair to be soft and healthy, with a back and shoulder massage. Perfect for dry colored hair

Princess Hair Spa:  318.000 IDR

A strawberry hair mask plus blow for 12 yr & under Princesses, detangles, soften and includes a massage

Smartbond by L’oreal  540.000 IDR

L'Oréal Professionnel introduces Smartbond, the hair care treatment that protects the hair and strengthens the hair fiber during the coloring or lightening process

Olaplex System: Start from 700.000 IDR

Olaplex is a line of hair repair, “bond building” treatments that’s getting heaps of buzz in the hair community, especially with people who have damaged  hair from excessive bleach. It’s available in a couple of forms – Olaplex can be mixed in with bleaching products to minimise damage, or it can be used as a separate  treatment.  Here’s the science behind how it “repairs” disulfide bonds in hair.

Olive oil head and scalp treatment: 

An Indian Head Massage therapy for healthier scalp and hair using an organic mixture of Almond, Olive and Kukui Nut Oil  450.000 IDR

Earcandle add:  75.000 IDR 

VIRGIN coconut cream bath and blow-dry:

A traditional hair treatment used for centuries by Indonesian ladies to keep their mane shiny & healthy, includes a foot scrub and blow dry   366.000 IDR

Additional Hot stone: 60.000 IDR

You can add a stone massage  to any of treatments above for more relaxing experience.

Hair Coloring


Stylist                                                                                 Senior Stylist

Touch up (up to 6cm)                660.000 IDR          792.000 IDR


Full Color

Short Hair (ear length)               684.000 IDR         820.800 IDR

Medium Hair (shoulder length  804.000 IDR         964.800 IDR

Long Hair (bra line length)        984.000 IDR         1.180.800  IDR

Extra Long Hair                        1.224.000  IDR        1.468.800 IDR

(everything beneath  bra line)        

Mens color                                   360.000 IDR    

Full head bleach starts from 360.000 IDR


Highlights are sections  or strands of hair that are dyed  a few shades  lighter than your base color. The main purpose of adding highlights to your hair is to brighten up the overall color of your hair and add softness and dimension to it. If highlights are lighter sections  of hair dyed  into your hair, lowlights go in completely the opposite direction. They involve picking up a few thin or thick sections  of hair and coloring them in a shade or two darker than your base color.

Short Quarter                              480.000 IDR          576.000  IDR

Short Half                                     720.000 IDR          864.000 IDR

Short Full                                   1.020.000 IDR         1.224.000  IDR

Medium Quarter                          600.000 IDR         720.000 IDR

Medium Half                              1.020.000 IDR        1.224.000  IDR

Medium Full                               1.200.000 IDR        1.440.000 IDR

Long Quarter                                720.000 IDR          864.000 IDR

Long Half                                   1.320.000 IDR         1.584.000  IDR

Long Full                                    1.620.000 IDR         1.944.000  IDR

Extra Long Quarter                    900.000 IDR        1.080.000 IDR

Extra Long Half                        1.500.000 IDR        1.800.000 IDR

Extra Long Full                         1.800.000 IDR        2.160.000 IDR

Balayage / Ombre / Dip Dye

Balayage is all about how the color is applied. With Balayage, not necessarily all the ends will be affected and the transition between  dark and light will be much longer and more natural looking. Ombre is a hair color technique where all the ends are going be affected and the transition from the deeper roots and light ends is going to be pretty short. The definition for Ombre is the French word for "color that is shaded or graduated in tone".

Short                                          900.000 IDR        1.080.000 IDR

Medium                                     900.000 IDR        1.080.000 IDR

Long                                        1.020.000 IDR        1.224.000  IDR

Extra Long                              1.140.000  IDR        1.368.000  IDR


Getting your hair toned is a service that’s one of the most important parts of your hair appointment  if you’re changing the color of your hair. And sometimes, even if you’re not. A hair toner is a demi-permanent hair color that can alter the state of the hair’s color and pH level.

Short                                            456.000 IDR           547.200   IDR

 Medium                                       576.000 IDR          691.200    IDR

 Long                                            816.000   IDR         979.200    IDR

Extra Long                                   864.000 IDR         1.036.800  IDR

Permanent Straightening / Keratin


Permanent Straightening Smoothing by Shiseido / L’oreal

This is a technique that employs both chemicals and heat. Primarily started in Japan as a smoothing plus conditioning treatment, the Japanese  Hair Straightening procedure promotes permanent alteration in the structure of the hair. The entire procedure of Japanese  Hair Straightening involves numerous steps that vary as per the length and texture of your hair.

Short                                           1.545.600  IDR            1.777.440 IDR

Medium                                      2.042.400 IDR            2.348.760 IDR

Long                                            2.484.000 IDR            2.856.600 IDR

Extra Long                                 3.073.950 IDR             3.553.000 IDR


Permanent Straightening Smoothing by Matrix

Women love to have long, beautiful, shining and straight looking hair. In order to get this, they try different things, and permanent hair straightening is one of them. Permanent Hair Straightening removes your wavy curls permanently  using chemical treatments to give you Straight flowing hair without using a styler daily.

Short                                          1.314.000 IDR              1.511.000   IDR

Medium                                      1.737.000  IDR            1.997.000 IDR

Long                                           2.112.000 IDR              2.429.000 IDR

Extra Long                                 2.613.000 IDR            3.021.000 IDR


Keratin Treatment by Keratin Research

For many women (including, reportedly, Meghan Markle), the secret to smooth, shiny hair sits at the end of a keratin treatment. The de-frizzing process is more popular than ever. A keratin treatment is a chemical process that smooth’s and shines frizzy hair. Results can last up to 4 months. Some versions of the treatment release formaldehyde when heated.  No matter the formaldehyde content, on a basic level, keratin treatments dive into the hair follicle and inject porous areas with keratin, an essential hair protein. Your hair will appear healthier, because  it actually is.

Short                1.680.000 IDR

Medium            2.222.000 IDR

Long                 2.700.000 IDR

Extra Long       3.120.000 IDR


Hair Extensions

KERATIN BOND I-Tips using Microbeads/Clear tubes/Hot fusion: Remy 30 cm (20 pieces)

Remy 40 cm (20 pieces)            720.000 IDR

Remy 30 cm (20 pieces)            840.000 IDR

Remy 50 cm (20 pieces)            1.080.000 IDR 


WEFT EXTENSIONS ~ 40CM | [1 BUNDLE 1,5m width]                                  4.100.000 IDR

WEFT EXTENSIONS ~ 50CM | [1 BUNDLE 1,5m width]                                  5.200.000 IDR

WEFT EXTENSIONS ~ 60CM | [1 BUNDLE 1,5m width]                                  6.250.000 IDR

{Prices inclusive of application}



{Prices inclusive of application}

40CM | [40 TAPES]                                                                                                  3.525.000 IDR 

50CM | [40 TAPES]                                                                                                   3.995.000 IDR

60CM | [40 TAPES]                                                                                                   4.465.000 IDR



40CM                                                                                                                       1.350.000 IDR

50CM                                                                                                                       1.850.000 IDR

{Not inclusive of putting Clips Extensions in}


Extensions Full MAINTENANCE:



/PAIR/SANDWICH for Tapes                                                                                  60.000 IDR

/PIECE for Microbeads                                                                                               18.000 IDR

Extensions MAINTENANCE:                                                                                   30.000 IDR



/PAIR/SANDWICH for Tapes                                                                                    28.000 IDR

/PIECE for Microbeads                                                                                                 12.000 IDR 

/PIECE for Keratin clear tubes                                                                                    30. 000 IDR


Premium V Tips the best, softest, velvety  heir mix of European and Indian Hair 

40 cm                                    IDR 4.830.000 [ 100 Pieces ]

50 cm                                    IDR 6.201.000 [ 100 Pieces ]


Makeup: By  Stylist  Or  Make  Up Artist


SIMPLE MAKE-UP starting from    600.000 IDR

Senior stylist                                          720.000 IDR

Natural daytime look, without faux eyelashes


SPECIAL OCCASION MAKE-UP starting from      780.000 IDR

Senior stylist                                                                        936.000 IDR

Includes: faux eyelashes & longer-lasting foundation


JUST  EYES + FALSIES                                                 420.000 IDR

Eye makeup only, eye shadows, liner, mascara, and faux lashes.


BRIDAL MAKE-UP  & HAIR STYLING                4.600.000 IDR

with our LEAD STYLIST including: Hair & Makeup Trial


BRIDAL HAIR STYLING                                          2.050.000 IDR

including a Hair Trial



including a Trial. MUA                                                 3.350.000 IDR 

Senior MUA                                                                  3.795.000 IDR 


BRIDESMAID/MUM HAIR STYLING                     800.000  IDR


Senior Stylist                                                                 1.100.000 IDR



AT TSL                                                                          10.000.000 IDR

1 BRIDE + 4 BRIDESMAIDS Hair Styling & Makeup

1 HAIR & MAKEUP TRIAL for the BRIDE at The Shampoo Lounge




for NUSA DUA, BTDC, TANJUNG BENOA         500.000 IDR

for JIMBARAN, UNGASAN, ULUWATU               800.000 IDR

for SANUR                                                                    1.000.000 IDR 

for UBUD & GIANYAR                                             1.250.000  IDR



Facial treatments can help slow down the aging process and prevent the appearance of wrinkles. Massaging your face with an anti-aging cream will immediately increase the blood circulation and oxygen  flow, which promotes collagen production and enhances the elasticity of your skin.



You are never too young or too old to look after your skin, sun damage  to acne scars, dehydration, Enlarged pores and sallow complexion. 

It is never too late to start!

75min | 390.000 IDR



An intense anti-ageing facial treatment that corrects the signs of premature ageing and protects your skin Against the damaging effects of time. This facial combines accupressure with the use of jade stone roller to Encourage blood flow and helps lift skin from sagging, green tea mask is then applied to calm the skin, Reduce pores and get your skin radiate from within.

70min | 420.000 IDR



Our pearl facial gives the skin a protective  finish that replaces loss of moisture in the skin, leaving it with a glowing luminescence.

60min | 422.400 IDR



Our #1 facial that's targeted to repair sun damaged skin, treats skin inflammations and slows down the creation of melanin {the cause of dark spots}.

70min | 378.000 IDR


Its kind and gentle properties make this facial ideal to repair delicate skin and treat skin conditions such as redness, mild acne and eczema.

60min | 324.000 IDR



For acne prone or problem skin, this facial includes tea tree products which reduces inflammation & helps prevent acne, while probiotics exfoliates  and soothe your complexion. Using the body shop teat tree line which works on teenager's skin as well. A thorough extraction is included.

Up to 75min | 424.800 ID



Acrylic nails have been a staple in the beauty  industry for years, and this staying power has contributed to their ongoing popularity. Acrylic and gel nails are artificial nail enhancements done in place of natural  nails. Gel nails tend to provide a glossier and natural look whereas acrylics are more sturdy and durable ascompared to gel.




Acrylic Full Set                                                                                                      540.000 IDR

Acrylic Extension /french Full Set                                                                     574.200 IDR 

Infill                                                                                                                          336.000 IDR

Nail Repair                                                                                                               72.000 IDR/Nail

Soak Off                                                                                                                 222.000 IDR


During any manicure or pedicure, you receive a relaxing massage of the hands and feet. This helps to improve blood circulation and improves mobility for the joints. With regular manicures and pedicures, the chances of your nails developing fungi and other infections are reduced.



Simple manicure with file, shape, light cuticle work and OPI polish of your choice.

165.000 IDR 


Simple pedicure with file, shape, light cuticle work and OPI polish of your choice

211.000 IDR



Including a soothing mask, your choice of green tea or milk mask, file, shape and meticulous cuticle work

231.000 IDR



Including a soothing mask, your choice of green tea or milk mask, file, shape and meticulous cuticle work

278.000 IDR 



Basic cleansing, file, shape, light cuticle work, no polish.

125.000 IDR



Basic cleansing, file, shape, light cuticle work, no polish

160.000 IDR 


A splurge for the little ones {under 12} including application of opi polish

73.000 IDR | 100.000 IDR




French                                                                                60.000 IDR

Nail Art                                                                               24.000 IDR/Nail

OPI POLISH application / changes                               96.000 IDR


GEL MANICURE by CND OR Gellish                    300.000 IDR


GEL PEDICURE by CND OR Gellish                      360.000 IDR


TAKE OFF GEL OR SHELLAC NAILS                   105.000 IDR


GEL POLISH ONLY                                                     180.000 IDR


Hot Stone Pedicure

Enjoy our Hot Stone Aromatherapy massage on your feet & legs, perfect for those who are jetlagged.

Topped off with OPI polish. 

260.400 IDR 

Milk & Honey Aromatic FOOT SPA

There's nothing better than having your feet washed in hot Milk foot bath, get scrubbed with organic Honey & Raw Sugar, buffed, massaged  and wrapped in fresh Milk & Jicama mask, then more Head, neck, shoulder massage before finishing with a homemade Almond oil application. So romantic so yummmm...      

245.000 IDR


Cucumber & Mint FOOT SPA

Get spoiled BIG time by having your feet washed in Cucumber & Mint foot bath, get scrubbed, buffed, massaged  and wrapped in Green Tea mask, then more Head, neck, shoulder massage before finishing with a homemade Aloe Vera application. BLISS...

218.200 IDR


Eyelash Extensions

Time needed:  90-120 mins

IDR 540,000 SILK Lash Extensions

These, are the mid-weight type of lash extensions, and are finer and more flexible than the synthetic  type which makes their retention slightly better. Because of their light weight, silk lashes are good to use on older clients or clients with weak and flimsy natural lashes. Like synthetic  lashes, silk come in a variety of curls and lengths. These types of extensions also hold their curl but the curl tends to be less uniform thensynthetic  lashes, making them better for clients looking for a more natural look. Silk lashes tend to be thicker than any other type of extensions and also have that rick black color. Silk eyelash extensions tend to be the least comfortable type of extension and are best used for special occasions


IDR 626,500 MINK Lash Extensions

Faux mink eyelash extensions are the most popular extensions used by lash artists today. These, manmade, poly-fiber lashes come in a variety of lengths, diameters and curls, have good flexibility and remain somewhat  natural looking depending  on the length. They're designed to imitate real mink fur, but lash artists and clients both love this of extension type because the curl is permanent and they're lowmaintenance. No need to curl or put mascara on these types of extensions. The Faux Mink lashes are a little bolder, slightly glossier than the Silk and Mink. Because of their variety of size and length they're great for customizing different looks for each client.


IDR 816,000 MINK VOLUME 2D Lash Extensions

IDR 862,000 3D + 6D MINK VOLUME Lashes

What is the difference between Classic and Volume? Classic eyelash extensions simply mean where one lash extension is glued to one natural eyelash, this method is called 1:1 or one-to-one technique. Volume eyelash extensions are applied the same way, the difference is that one volume lash fan has multiple hairs in it. Example if two lash extensions are applied to one natural lash then it is called 2D lashes, three lashes in one natural lash would be called 3D lashes, four lashes would be 4D lashes and five lashes would be 5D




Your natural eyelashes continue to grow in a replenishing cycle. Since the extensions are bonded to your Own natural lash… you may need to refill the areas where your own natural lash has fallen out. Touch-ups, Will keep the lashes looking fresh and fuller.


IDR 420,000        Refill Silk

IDR 480,000        Refill Mink

IDR 664,000        Refill Mink Volume




Using depileve, hard wax from Spain                   For Men                              For Women

Eyebrow                                                                   120.000   IDR

Upper lip                                                                    96.000  IDR 

Half leg                                                                    336.000  IDR                      180.000  IDR

Full leg                                                                     540.000  IDR                      276.000  IDR

Half arm                                                                  240.000  IDR                      138.000  IDR

 Full arm                                                                  336.000 IDR                        192.000  IDR

Under arm                                                               114.000 IDR

Brazilian                                                                   480.000  IDR                      277.500   IDR

Bikini                                                                                                                          219.000   IDR

Chin                                                                                                                            60.000  IDR

Nose                                                                            60.000  IDR

Cheek                                                                        102.000  IDR

Stomach waxing                                                      168.000  IDR                       132.000   IDR

Back and Shoulder                                                  240.000  IDR                     228.000  IDR

Chest                                                                         204.000  IDR

Back Side                                                                  240.000  IDR

Face                                                                           240.000  IDR



Please make sure to book in for body massage at least 24 hours in advance, as our Salon in Nusa Dua only has 2 Spa rooms.


Seriously relaxing and blissfully good...  Palm & thumb action, smooth strokes using our specially made massage cream. 

60 min | 294.000 IDR

90min   | 345.000 IDR

120min | 414.000 IDR 


Get physical with our sport massage. Vigorous strokes target specific muscle groups to reduce muscle tension, relieve swelling and promote flexibility. 

60 min | 312.000   IDR

90min   | 390.000 IDR

120min | 457.000 IDR 



Pampers and relaxes tired feet...                                            

60 min | 192.000   IDR


15 min |  84.000 IDR

30min   | 132.000 IDR

60min | 204.000 IDR


15 min |  60.000 IDR

30min   | 144.000 IDR

60min | 240.000 IDR





With the natural hair of the Clients

French braid / Dutch braid / Box braids (With Wash)                                             198.000   IDR

Full head of braids only rows

- Medium                                                                                                                     420.000 IDR

- Long                                                                                                                           504.000 IDR


Full head of braids [rows and squares]

- Medium                                                                                                                      384.000 IDR

- Long                                                                                                                           460.000 IDR


Half head of braids, row braids

- Per Row                                                                                                                        35.000 IDR

- Extra Thick                                                                                                                  150.000 IDR

- Extra Long                                                                                                                  100.000 IDR


With extensions for fuller braids


Dutch braid                                                                                                                500.000 IDR 

Full head of braids only rows                                                                                 2.000.000 IDR 

Full head of braids rows and squares                                                                   3.200.000 IDR

Half head of braids, row braids                                                                              1.500.000 IDR


Spray Tan

Spray tanning is a form of self-tanning (or sunless tanning) where a fine mist is sprayed onto your body. This temporary effect generally lasts from 3-7 days and is completely safe for your skin (although it doesn’t provide any protection against the sun’s rays).The results you can get from tanning sprays are generally very good.  Many celebrities and models prefer spray tanning to just about anything else to get the color they want.


Spray tan for Woman                                                                                               300.000 IDR

Spray Tan for Men                                                                                                    450.000 IDR




BALI PROFESSIONAL                                                                           225.000 IDR

Scissor & clipper cut, wash-scalp massage – wash gel


BALI BIG BOSS                                                                                       375.000 IDR

Scissor cut, hot towel, traditional wet shave, wash-scalp massage-aloe  Vera gel


TRADITIONAL WET SHAVE                                                                   144.000 IDR

Hot towel traditional straight blade shave


BEARD TRIM                                                                                           75.000 IDR

With Clippera


OLD GUY CUT                                                                                        180.000 IDR

Wash, scalp massage, scissor, cut, stray hair removal


BALDY                                                                                                        225.000 IDR

Super smooth full head shaving


KIDS CUT                                                                                                   144.000 IDR

12 and under only


STARVING SURFER                                                                               150.000 IDR

Single guard electric razor, short buzz cut & quick rinse


QUICK TUNE-UP                                                                                     96.000 IDR

Seated shoulder-neck-head  massage for 30 min


FLIP FLOP FEET                                                                                      192.000  IDR

Hot Stone Foot Reflexology for 60 min


GENTLEMAN’S FACIAL                                                                        336.000 IDR

Acupressure style Holistic facial followed by a Collagen mask for 75 min


XTREME SCALP REJUVENATION                                                    240.000 IDR

Rehydrate your hair & scalp, in-chair head-neck-scalp-shoulder-arms  massage, wash, style



Bali Big Boss

Gentleman’s Facial

30 min quick tune up + 30 min foot massage                                      876.000 IDR

1 Bintang Beer



Bali Big Boss

Sport Manicure Sport

Pedicure Collagen Eye Mask                                                                  535.000 IDR

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